We work with clients to seek ways within administrations and with clients to seek ways to increase the inclusion of various excluded groups in the areas of:

  • Procurement,
  • Housing,
  • Employment, and
  • Agricultural benefits.

Experts You Need

We’ve been called upon regularly by federal, state and local governments and Congressional representatives to share our vision, skill, knowledge and practical experience regarding inclusive program initiatives and opportunity creation. Our services include the design of inclusive policies and procedures, the implementation of program initiatives, and the evaluation of the economic and business impact of new programmatic initiatives.

Our services include:

  • Disparity studies

  • EEO, diversity and inclusive employment practices design, review and audit

  • Rural and agricultural program design, review and audit

  • Non-discrimination programs

  • Litigation support and expert testimony

  • Inclusive procurement policy and procedure development

  • Fair housing studies

  • Management and technical assistance

  • Small, minority and women business program design, review and audit (Race/Gender-Neutral and Race/Gender-Conscious)

Featured Clients