Miller3 Consulting, Inc., formerly D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc., was founded by the late Dave J. Miller, Sr. in 1986.  Mr. Miller’s experience grew out of his family’s 150-year ownership of Miller Farms, at one time, the largest African American-owned farm in the Southeast, and his experience at the City of Atlanta, where he created the first minority business program, which was later modeled by the U.S. DOT. He also served as the youngest and first African American Procurement Director for the City of Atlanta, updating its Procurement Code for the first time in over 50 years and created innovations, such as developing the city’s cable infrastructure, laid by a new African American-owned firm, that made Atlanta one of the first cities to receive HBO and that made CNN possible, while ensuring over 30 percent participation by minorities and women in the City’s procurement and contracting opportunities.  Mr. Miller did so because of his strong belief that public-sector procurement systems should be fair, open, transparent, efficient and above all, inclusive and of unquestionable integrity. 

With this foundation, Mr. Miller built a firm committed to Excellence in Public Sector ManagementSM. Over the course of the firm’s 31-year history, Miller3 Consulting, Inc. (M³ Consulting) has provided consulting and advisory services to Presidents and Heads of State, Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers, Governors, Mayors and numerous government officials at the international, federal, state and local levels.  Shortly after the firm’s founding, in 1988, D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc. conducted the country’s first disparity study for Hillsborough County, which correctly anticipated the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court in Richmond v. Croson in 1989.

The firm continues its family ownership and commitment to Excellence in Public Sector ManagementSM.  Dave J. Miller, Jr. and Lauren Miller are expanding the M³ Consulting legacy with fresh energy and new experiences.  Both have worked with Miller3 Consulting, Inc. (and the former D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc.) on disparity studies and other projects for a combined 28 years. Dave J. Miller, Jr. brings government experience from the City of Atlanta, having served as Performance and Operations Consultant where he was responsible for improving city-wide performance, focusing on process improvement and eliminating operational efficiencies.    Dave Miller, Jr. has also served as the Data Manager on all M³ Consulting disparity studies since 2005, and developed the firm’s real estate practice.  Lauren Miller continues the international legacy, creating an innovative travel organization to share travel & lifestyle content and expertise with young American Americans, through which, at the age of 30, has already taken her to over 85 countries, states, and provinces.  

Dave, Miller Jr. and Lauren Miller are supported by Sherry J. Williams, Esq. and Vijaya Subrahmanyam, Ph.D., who both have worked continuously in leadership roles with M³ Consulting since 1992. 

Sherry Williams worked directly with Dave Miller, Sr. in building the disparity study practice, as well as DJMA International.  Through the international practice, Ms. Williams oversaw small business consulting projects in South Africa, Ghana, Gambia, Ukraine and Poland.  On disparity studies, Ms. Williams has served as Project Manager on all, except 2 disparity studies, conducted by M³ Consulting (and DJMA) since 1992.  She has managed the two largest consortium disparity studies in the U.S.—Memphis Consortium (9 public agencies) and Philadelphia Consortium (10 public agencies). 

Vijaya Subrahmanyam has worked as lead statistician at M³ Consulting since 1992 and became Principal Investigator in 2006.  Dr. Subrahmanyam is the foremost expert on disparity and regression analysis related to race and gender, having conducted regression analysis on procurement, employment, finance and credit, and agriculture.  For our 50-state disparity analysis for the USDA, where she served as Principal Investigator and Ms. Williams as Project Manager, Dr. Subrahmanyam conducted a statistical and regression analysis on a database consisting of more than 50 million records. 

Our team has successfully assisted our clients to respond to any legal challenges to their programs undergirded by a M³ Consulting disparity study.  Our win rate is 100%.

While, in the past, M³ Consulting has had more than 80 employees, under our current leadership, M³ Consulting has consciously decided to remain small, efficient and nimble so that we can provide our clients with top-shelf consulting and research in a manner responsive to our client’s specific needs and challenges.