Miller3 International, Inc. has its roots in a 110 year-old family farm, which is one of the oldest farms in the state of Georgia. Under the direction of TDM Farms, we have over 3,000 acres in cultivation, covering the major crops of cotton, peanuts, soybeans and wheat, along with livestock. This farming operation also has ownership in local cotton gin and peanut gin operations. TDM Farms is a Monsanto certified firm and thus brings the latest biotechnology to its farms. With its agrarian pedigree, MillerInternational has grown to provide an array of agricultural services, including crop development, vertical integration, overall farm management and financial oversight. Our consultancy includes a full range of market research and analysis, strategic planning and market development for commodities such as cotton, soybeans, corn and peanuts. We provide consultation on managing change in world markets and designing future agribusiness opportunities.