Sherry Williams-Miller, Esq.

Sherry Williams-Miller is President and CEO of Miller3 Consulting, Inc, bringing 14 years of consulting experience in the areas of procurement, S/M/W/DBE programs, disparity studies, human resources, and EEO consulting. Her clients have found her advice reliable and accessible. The projects for which Ms. Williams-Miller have been responsible have led to changes in legislation, policies and procedures and organization structures at the national and local levels for a variety of organizations, including hospitals, airports, schools systems, corporations, municipal governments and federal agencies. Her practical approach to client relations and project execution has made her a trusted advisor to her clients long after the original project has been completed. Her combination of legal insights, sound advisory services and solid research has led to major shifts in an organization’s view of itself and its means for achieving real results.

Before assuming the role of CEO for M3 Consulting, Ms. Williams-Miller had served in increasing management responsibilities with D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc., serving as Vice President of Operations (merger of pervious responsibilities), Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing, and Vice President of Programs. Ms. Williams-Miller also served as President of DJMA International, Inc., assisting the Chairman in developing the international component of the firm.

She has managed numerous efforts at the international, federal, state and local levels, as well as for private sector clients. She conducts systems analysis and develops program design and implementation, developing a proficiency in the application of legal requirements to an organization’s business practices. She has made recommendations to clients regarding improvements in operations and processes, data systems, record keeping, policies and procedures, legislation and regulations. Ms. Williams-Miller also has provided litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Ms. Williams-Miller provides leadership and direction for all projects throughout the firm, from initial development through implementation in economics and statistical analyses, organizational development, program design and public policy changes. She serves as Project Director on particularly complex, multi-jurisdictional projects encompassing a variety of issues.

An accomplished author, Ms. Williams-Miller has published dozens of articles on equal opportunity issues. She is a regularly contributing writer to MBE Magazine.

Ms. Williams-Miller is also the founder of the National Institute on Inclusion. This organization offers seminars to public entity leaders in procurement reform, M/WBE program operation, designing effective M/WBE programs in race/gender-conscious and race/gender-neutral environments, effective conduct of a disparity study, contracting, and supplier diversity. Ms. Williams-Miller formed this organization as a way to inculcate business and public sector leaders and administrators on the issues of inclusion in their policies and practices.

Ms. Williams-Miller received her B.S.F.S. in International Economics from the Edmund J. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University in 1987. She has a J.D. from Emory University School of Law and was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1992.


Dave J. Miller, Sr.

Dave J. Miller, Sr. is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Miller3 Group, Inc., which has three subsidiary firms, Miller3 Consulting, Inc., Miller3 International and Miller3Properties. This represents a reorganization of D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc. Mr. Miller continues to provide consulting services to Miller3 Consulting, Inc.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc. (DJMA), he founded this management consulting firm in 1986 to serve business and government entities. Mr. Miller envisioned and implemented the firm’s diverse practice areas-business and community economic development, research, public policy, education and training, and logistics administration. After 20 years, Mr. Miller accomplished his objectives and began preparing the firm for a new era in its reorganization. D.J. Miller & Associates, Inc. now provides high-level political consultation.

As President of DJMA, Mr. Miller was responsible for the overall management direction and development of the firm’s pursuit of airport and economic development initiatives, real estate projects, and management of statistical and procurement engagements. He served as Partner-in-Charge on projects with airlines, developers, small businesses and public sector clients around the country in purchasing programs, reorganizations, economic development and planning, technical and managerial assistance efforts. DJMA had over 100 satisfied clients in the private sector, local, state and federal government sector and international arena, produced sales averaging $3 million a year over the firms 20 year history and employed up to 70 employees. Mr. Miller developed disparity study methodology and industry and established DJMA as industry leader. He also diversified firm’s product lines to include procurement, real estate, economic research, public policy development, human resources and organizational development, logistics and administrative support, minority and female business programs, EEO and affirmative action programs, litigation support.

Mr. Miller gained his expertise through progressively challenging positions with the City of Atlanta – Director of the Bureau of Purchasing and Real Estate, Director of the Office of Contract Compliance, and Manager of Airport Development. As Director of the Bureau of Purchasing and Real Estate and the Office of Contract Compliance, he implemented innovative management techniques for effective purchasing and contracting procedures. While with the City of Atlanta, he orchestrated the largest private-public land swap in the history of the State of Georgia involving 11 developers, 32 parcels of land, and land value of approximately $50 million, and development value exceeding $1 billion. He was a pioneer in developing one of the most successful minority and women business enterprise programs in the country.

As manager of Airport Development during the expansion of Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport, Mr. Miller oversaw the selection of architects, engineers and the overall management of the expansion effort. He negotiated transactions of over $450 million annually. While working at General Motors, Mr. Miller served as a labor relation’s representative.

Mr. Miller was a partner in Miller Farms, which has been owned by his family for 130 years. He is active in the operation of the farm and participates in its maintenance during harvesting and planting seasons. His deep-rooted knowledge of this farming operation has benefited him in orchestrating land acquisitions, financing, construction management, and negotiations throughout his life.

Mr. Miller was voted among the top five entrepreneurs in the 1995 Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Mr. Miller is a graduate of Morehouse College and pursued graduate study at the General Motors Institute of Engineering and Management. He is a Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM), 1986 through the National Association of Purchasing Managers. He has given lectures to Joint Center for Political Studies, National Institute of Governmental Purchasers, National Purchasing Institute, National Black MBA 1986 Convention. He has also testified before U.S. Congress House of Representatives.

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